Welcome to the home of the Recycled Gin Company.

We are a nano distillery based in St. Annes, Lancashire.  While researching to set up our company we read that in the production of a standard bottle of spirits, 60% of the carbon footprint is in the production of the bottle.  Our aim as a company is to have a minimal carbon footprint and minimum waste by ensuring that we efficiently and fully utilise materials and processes.

For this reason, we only produce our product in volumes up to 500ml.  All of our 200ml and 500ml bottles are reused (typically beer and mixer bottles).  These bottles are donated to us by local pubs, bars and clubs.  This not only helps us to reduce our own carbon footprint (did I mention that 60% of the carbon footprint of the standard spirit is in the bottle?), but also helps the donating businesses as they have less waste to be collected for recycling.  Win – Win.

Our first product Gin Again is available in five delicious, fruity flavours: Terrific Tangerine, Lovely Lime, Rippling Raspberry, Luscious Lemon and Scrumptious Strawberry.