Why the Recycled Gin Company ?

Saving the planet one bottle at a time.


No… Clearly our gin isn’t recycled!! But did you know that about 60% of the carbon footprint of a standard gin is in the processing of the bottle? No? Neither did we 🙂 Anyway, we decided that we would use some of those discarded bottles for the small batch craft gin which we produce.  For every bottle that we can reuse it is one less bottle that needs to be recycled.

We are delighted to say that all of our 500ml and 200ml bottles which we use are donated to us from local pubs and clubs. After we collect the bottles from local businesses we then clean and sterilise before reusing for our small batch, craft gin products.

Because we are a ‘nano’ sized producer we produce our gin using our own recipe of botanicals using neutral spirit from the renowned Langley Distillery.  Once we receive the neutral spirit we then distill our gin in the gin shed in the garden.  During the distillation process we collect the water that is used to control the temperature of the still so that it can be used later to water the fruit trees and bushes which are in turn used to provide fruit which are used to make jams and chutneys. 

Our citrus gins are produced using only fresh fruit while our berry gins use frozen fruit for a better flavour in the infusion process.  There are no added flavourings or colourings used.  All of the fruit which is used to infuse our gins with their fantastic flavours are then used to to make jam, marmalade and curd which are packaged into jars which have been reincarnated from a previous life.

We use only ‘barrier’ filtration to remove particles of fruit from our finished gin.  At no point do we use any chemical agents in processing.  Our gin is therefore suitable for vegetarians or vegans. 

We hope returning customers will save their bottles for us to reuse.

They say that every great journey starts with a single step.  Fancy going for a walk?